"Gentle, Now""Gentle, Now"Gentle, Now
Alex Tomeo

Media: Silver Gelatin Print
Size: 11"x14" Matted and Mounted
Price: $100

100% of purchase proceeds goes to
the Student Artist, Alex Tomeo, the gallery does not take a commission. Support a local Junior College Student!
Alex Tomeo
Palomar Junior College

Artist Bio:
My name is Alex Tomeo, and I am a Palomar photo student waiting to hear back from four-year schools. I’m a black and white film photographer and I shoot fine art portraits here in San Diego County. I fell in love with the darkroom in 2019 and have been working with analogue and alternative photography since! I have been working in the San Diego Natural History Museum’s archive and my passion for keeping different avenues of photography alive has grown. I love preserving not only the art form, but the communities it brings together.

Artist Statement:
“Faceless Femme” explores femininity and questions what defines identity. If the ability to meet unrealistic standards acts as a threshold for identity - How does that impact the way we view ourselves?

To reach Alex Tomeo:
Instagram: @film.by.alex
Email: [email protected]

"Gentle, Now""Tear""Reaching"