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Sea Drift Collection

The wet cyanotype process breaks the boundaries of traditional cyanotype by introducing moisture to the chemically treated paper and using exposures in sunlight up to 24 hours or longer. I’m fascinated with the artistic freedom to take a photographic process developed in the 1800’s and make it new.

In the process an amazing transformation of colors takes place introducing a variety of shades of blues, aqua and gold. This collection is a photogram using layers of found objects from the ocean and beach; a few of these are sea-weed, sand and palm fronds.

The series beautifully blends and enhances traditional seascape photographic prints when displayed together.

Barbara Beck
"Botanical Seaweed No 2""Botanical Seaweed No 4"Beck_Seaweed no5_Cyanotype"Botanical Seaweed No 11""Under The Sea"