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Artist Statement:

In the beauty of our landscapes we are made
“Whole in Spirit”

The earth is often considered a spiritual place, where we strive for harmony within ourselves and our surroundings. Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Canada and the Pacific Northwest. This collection “Whole in Spirit” is a small piece of my photography from that incredible journey.

One day I hiked through a beautiful old growth forest. The light was magical and the experience was mysterious. There was a feeling of the presence of an ancient life; was it real or imagined? As I walked along the path, I saw an elderly man and his walking partner making their way up a steep hill. He was moving slowly and using a cane. I wondered if he was questioning why he decided to take this long hike. Certainly it was beautiful, but was it worth the effort? At the top of the hill we stopped and chatted for a moment. His parting comment gave me the answer to my question. He said, “ A walk in nature is good for the spirit.”

This brief moment influenced me to create this series. I hope to inspire you to take the time to enjoy and protect our earth. The earth gives us riches beyond any we can buy with money.

Barbara Beck
"By the River""Sound & Spray""Standing Tall""Under The Trees""Whole in Spirit"