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September 24th 10am-2pm

Once a year the magical photographic process of the Cyanotype gets global attention!

4x6_Cyanotype Day_Postcards_2022 WEB4x6_Cyanotype Day_Postcards_2022 WEB

I'm very excited that we will be holding our first annual World Cyanotype Day at Oak Gallery and look forward to a wonderful turnout of friends old and new! This free event is sponsored by Oak Gallery and its featured photographers. Many of whom are wonderful creators of this unique sun print process that dates back to 1842 and is invented by Sir John Herschel. The first photographically illustrated book using the process was created by Anna Atkins

Cyano_20220215_0002_Time Will Tell 1_WEBBrandy Sebastian "Time Will Tell"Wet cyanotype process using sprayed house hold chemicals and dusted with kitchen spices left for hours of sun exposure.   anna_atkins_ceylonAnna Atkins "Ceylon"Dry cyanotype process using sun for exposure. Barbara Beck "Under The Sea"Barbara Beck "Under The Sea"Wet Cyanotype Process



Join us on Saturday September 24th from 10am-2pm to make your free one of a kind cyanotype. (limited one 4x6 per visitor)

We will have stations set up for the days festivities.

  • Check-in and leave your email for future gallery events, workshops, and lectures. This also gets you access to the photos taken to share on social media.
  • Get your cyanotype pre-coated 4x6 paper and contact frame.
  • Add objects that we provide like leaves and feathers or bring your own flat objects.
  • Set your Cyanotype master piece in the sun for exposure, Typically 7-9min, we will be creating the dry process only. 
  • Check out the gallery and grab a snack.
  • Rinse your print then let it dry.
  • Then get your photo taken in front of our step and repeat banner.
  • Viola!!!!


Make your one of a kind Cyanotype, get a snack, check out the gallery and its fine art photographer's, listen to music by Richie Wetherington.


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MOVIE NIGHT September 17th https://oak.gallery/blog/2022/9/movie-night-september-17th PROCEEDS BUILD A STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP!!!!

IMG_5416IMG_5416 IMG_5444IMG_5444






FEATURING: Bill Cunningham New York

Not Rated ‧ 2010 ‧ Documentary ‧ 1h 24m 

Bill Cunningham, one of the mainstays of the New York Times, has been a contributor to the renowned newspaper for many decades. He's also an incurable and eccentric chronicler of fashion, tirelessly snapping photos of and writing about interestingly attired celebrities and ordinary New Yorkers he spots on the street. This exhaustive profile of Cunningham and his work includes interviews with friends -- and often subjects -- Tom Wolfe, David Rockefeller and Vogue magazine's Anna Wintour.

Release date: March 16, 2011 (USA)

Director: Richard Press      Production company: First Thought Films       IMDb

BYO Beach Chair, Blanket, & Picnic

  • Oak Gallery will be featuring an Entertainment Film or Documentary film related to photography or a photographer.
  • Movie Night is a suggested donation of $5 with a maximum amount of 30 sold for each movie night. 
  • Come early to view the photographic art at Oak Gallery and get set up at your choice of location in the gallery parking lot. Picnic and socialize prior to the film that starts after twilight. We appreciate your understanding for not bringing alcohol.
  • Films start shortly after twilight in the summer months between June to September.
  • There will be some concessions available for a suggested donation. Proceeds benefit future events at Oak Gallery! Beverages including sodas, sparking water, and non-gas water, assortment of chips and popcorn, a limited selection of candy will be available to choose from. Sorry at this time we will not be selling alcoholic beverages. DO NOT BRING ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES
  • Ticket fees are used to create a scholarship for a local San Diego County student of either high school or college. Age requirement is 15-25 years in order to win the scholarship. A portfolio of 10 images minimum, with a brief artist statement and biography will be juried into the selection process. Jurors will be the current featured Oak Gallery artists. Dates will be announced at the end of the calendar year for submission. Submission is limited to art that is photography based or related to photography at its core.
  • For Questions, please contact Brandy Sebastian, Oak Gallery owner, at [email protected]


www.Oak.Gallery.com Instagram & Facebook: @OakGallery.Carlsbad 3095 State Street Suite G, Carlsbad, CA 92008


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Artist Spotlight: Manuel Toledo https://oak.gallery/blog/2022/3/artist-spotlight-manuel-toledo

Manny Toledo_RVB HighManny Toledo_RVB High Manny ToledoManny ToledoStudent photographer Manuel Toledo of Rancho Buena Vista High

Oak Gallery is truly fortunate to celebrate talented up and coming photographic artists. I can remember my first photography professor in high school and his impact on me as a student and evolving photographer. I remember the support and encouragement as well as his crazy sense of style. He was always enthusiastic about what he was teaching and I'm forever impacted. 
Manuel ToledoManuel Toledo
Manuel Toledo's imagery is a reflection of his true raw talent and the readiness for the world of photography. The work showing at Oak Gallery is imaginative and speaks volumes to his ability to become a truly wonderful photographer. Thanks to the support of his professor and fellow gallery photographic artist, Kelly Clark, Manny is the gallery's first featured student photographer hailing from Rancho Buena Vista High School. His work will be available to view until April 23rd, 2022 and is also available for purchase with all proceeds going directly to the student artist through QR code purchasing. 

     Come view the current work's by Manuel Toledo at Oak Gallery.

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Artist Spotlight: Todd Bradley https://oak.gallery/blog/2022/3/artist-spotlight-todd-bradley Welcome TODD BRADLEY

Todd BradleyTodd BradleyOak Gallery welcomes Todd Bradley and his unique & imaginative persepctive. Todd BradleyTodd BradleyPortrait of Todd Bradley in front of his wall at Oak Gallery. Photo by Stephen Davis

Todd Bradley and I met during portfolio reviews at Medium Festival of Photography in fall of 2018. At that time his worked focused on a series called "War Stories I Never Heard". I remember being inspired by what I saw of his portfolio, that year he was the only photographer that received a solo exhibition from one of the reviewers. I aspired to be someone like him that worked at telling a story through photography that also impacted its viewer. Much of his work is created not only with a camera but with months of preparation in gathering materials, designing the set, painting figures and carful orchestrating a story through the lens. Todd BradleyTodd Bradley

    Todd's work is full of special moments and great attention to detail. His imagery is playful, imaginative, colorful even if in black and white, full of movement and makes the eye want to gaze. I love Todd's story telling and his childhood facetiousness. Don't miss out on viewing his award winning work while it hangs at Oak Gallery until April 23rd, 2022. Even better choose your favorite and get it framed at Oak Gallery to hang upon your walls. There's truly nothing better than supporting local talented artist like Todd Bradley! He currently has ample bin prints ready and avaibalew through QR code purchasing so that the payment goes directly to the artist.


     Come view the current work's by Todd Bradley at Oak Gallery.

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Artist Spotlight: Kelly Clark https://oak.gallery/blog/2022/3/artist-spotlight-kelly-clark Welcome KELLY CLARK

Kelly ClarkKelly ClarkOak Gallery welcomes Kelly Clark and her visual voice. Kelly ClarkKelly Clark"Nostalgia" by Kelly Clark Cyanotype & Monoprinting

I had the great fortune of meeting Kelly Clark briefly at The Photographer's Eye Collective during an Alternative Process juried exhibition opening in 2021. She had a lovely image that was accepted into the exhibition, featured above, we became acquaintances through social media, then fast forward months later to a meeting in the newly Oak Gallery Grand Opening_153Oak Gallery Grand Opening_153
open Oak Gallery. She shared an eclectic variety of both alternative process imagery and digital photographs both manipulated and straight photography. She is an enthusiastic person filled with wonderful talent as well as teaching at a local high school located in Vista, California. 

     Kelly's work is creative and inventive with an exploration in alternative processes with a focus in Lumens and mixed media Cyanotypes. She produces striking coastal images of the Southern California coastline emphasizing surf and beach culture. Kelly is a dedicated teacher to the wonderful Rancho Buena Vista High School students and has an Instagram feed that spotlights student work worth taken time to look through HERE. I'm thrilled to have Kelly's unique perspective on the walls of Oak Gallery and I look forward to seeing her photographs on the walls of homes and businesses.

Kelly also brought the gallery's first exhibiting student artist Manny Toledo. I just love that she has influenced our future generations through the lens!

     Come view the current work's by Kelly Clark at Oak Gallery.

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GRAND OPENING EVENT https://oak.gallery/blog/2022/2/grand-opening-event Zenfolio Logo Long 640x200ppiZenfolio Logo Long 640x200ppi



Date: Sunday, February 27th, 2022           Time: 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Free Public Event & Parking     -     Live Music by Fre3Sty13     -     Food & Beverage Served

Grand Opening Post Card FrontGrand Opening Post Card Front        Grand Opening Post Card BackGrand Opening Post Card Back

We proudly present the grand opening of Oak Gallery, a photographic boutique, located in the Village of Carlsbad bordering The Barrio.  The event marks a dream come true for photographic artist and gallery owner Brandy Sebastian. Oak Gallery is nestled within a shared space with mother and owner Penny Kachuck of the Glass and Mirror Shoppe. With the dedicated help and guidance of Brandy’s parents Penny Kachuck and Gary Sebastian as well as her husband David Garcia her dream came to fruition with its soft opening on December 12th, 2021. Brandy’s vision for this unique space is to share with her community that photography can be more than a straight image. That it can be reimagined utilizing past and present photographic techniques and alternative ways of presenting imagery in both two and three-dimensional fine art works. The space is meant to represent home, a place of comfort, sanctuary, and expression with the colors and design choices to closely resemble Brandy’s own home. There is a unique camera collection that graces the top shelves of the gallery from the 1920’s to the 1990’s. The collection is on loan by best-friend and business partner of Sebastian & McConnell Bijouterie, creators of renaissance themed accessories, Jade McConnell.

Current featured fine art photographers are Brandy Sebastian, Barbara Beck, Will Gibson, Kelly Clark, and Todd Bradley. Brandy’s work is eclectic and primarily conceptual, heavily influenced by her life experiences and spiritual truth as well as an alternative process coinsurer and maker creating thoughtful stories. Barbara Beck is a landscape photographer that also experiments with alternative processes in photography, specifically the wet and dry cyanotype photographic process creating beautiful romantic pieces. Will Gibson investigates the gamut of analogue and digital photography with technical skills in sharpness of detail and playful in-camera blurred scenes his work shouldn’t be missed. Where Kelly Clark is a versatile photographer who photographs dynamic landscapes and documentary work, she also uses nature to create mandalas as well as lovely alternative process one-of-a-kind prints. Todd Bradley composes playful miniature scenes then captures them as well as stunning landscapes and abstract textures.   

Join us for this very special occasion on Sunday, February 27th, 2022, from 12pm to 3pm. The gallery will be hosting food and beverages as well as live music performed by local musician Fre3Sty13. A food ticket will be provided to each guest so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy simple food with a beverage. The location of the gallery is shared with the Glass and Mirror Shoppe at 3095 State Street Suite G, Carlsbad, CA 92008. The shared space is behind the main building on Oak Avenue. Free parking is available within the city parking lot next to the gallery as well as surface streets and city parking that is located within walking distance. Support local talent and buy art directly from the artisans. We look forward to seeing all that can join us!


www.Oak.Gallery.com           [email protected]

760-472-8336   Instagram & Facebook: @OakGallery.Carlsbad

3095 State Street Suite G, Carlsbad, CA 92008

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Artist Spotlight: Brandy Sebastian https://oak.gallery/blog/2022/1/artist-spotlight-brandy-sebastian Oak Gallery's Owner and Fine Art Photographer 

Brandy SebastianBrandy SebastianPhoto taken by Penny Kachuck Brandy SebastianTime Lapse video of Brandy setting up her wall at Oak Gallery.

     It's a surreal moment when something you have thought of throughout your life and what seemed like a distant dream actually happens. I've always been taught that I can achieve anything I want in life, it just takes hard work and dedication. Often that feels like it will never happen with mounting responsibility as we age in life. I feel it's important to say that being open to the unique opportunities that present themselves is key. Thinking out of the box and being willing to literally take a leap of faith, not allowing fear to take hold of your passions. When the vision feels clear and everyhitng falls into place how can that not be the right path. Most of my work is about my journey as a woman and creator, about a person traveling in this life with all of life's challenges. Staying truthful to one's self and not getting derailed by pain, suffering, anxiety or the stress of being human. To stay in joy, love, light, open mindedness, clarity, and accountability. 

     The concept of Oak Gallery is the desire to create a place that felt like home, that was different then a typical gallery space with white walls. There is certainly nothing wrong with that it's just not me. Color played a key in the Purple the color of fantasy and magic.Purple the color of fantasy and magic.Purple is calming and helps to put us in a place of introspection. It promotes creativity intuition, and clarity. It's of royalty and what dreams are made of. remodel of the space. I struggled with wanting something that truly reflected my personality and of course it had to be different than anything I've seen. My mother, Penny Kachuck, mentioned the colors in my bedroom and it felt right. For me since the remodel of my master bedroom in 2016 with deep purples, subtle grays, and dusty beige/gold it's been my safe place. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in early 2012 with my first surgery in January of 2013. I could never have imagined how much time I would be spending in my room. With seven surgeries later it certainly has been a place of safety, comfort, and recovery, and is still to this day. So why not make the gallery a place that feels warm, inviting, safe, full of color, filled with love and happiness, like home.

 Then came the name, Oak Gallery. It was certainly an evolution but an easy one. Originally it was to be called Gallery on Oak, makes sense as the building is located on Oak. Then I came up with an entire list of names but kept going back Brandy SebastianBrandy Sebastian hanging Oak Gallery sign.Every moment and all the changes large or small makes the dream more of a reality. to the concept of naming it in the place it stood, on Oak Avenue in Carlsbad. I had the url picked and saved in my url provider account, it was there for days along with many other options. All but Gallery on Oak disappeared from my saved options, heartbroken I let it sit. It was a good thing I did, as I received a call from the company providing my new domain name and had a conversation with a wonderful young man who was instrumental in my decision of calling it Oak Gallery. Having part of the name be Oak made sense, it was the street the building resides, then he told me about what Oak means and how it's connected to family, tradition, our past present and future. It felt right. His suggestion to just call it Oak Gallery came from the unique opportunity to get Oak.Gallery as my url. It was perfect simple and fit. 


     So many wonderful things are planned for this special place. I look forward to storytelling and to teach those to tell their stories through photography. I look forward to artists sharing their journeys and for the walls to be filled with beautiful work that deserves to be on the walls of homeowners and business owners. That photography is art, that it holds the same passion and desire that any medium has for the artist to share a piece of their heart, soul, and mind. Currently can can view fine art photography by Barbara Beck, Will Gibson, and myself, Brandy Sebastian

  • Check out and stay up to date through the interactive calendar for upcoming events, classes, speakers, and more.
  • Read the short bios of our gallery's artists and get a sneak peak of their work.
  • Come check out the gallery Wednesday to Friday from 12pm-5pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm. 
  • Sign up on our email list and get the latest!!!
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Artist Spotlight: Will Gibson https://oak.gallery/blog/2022/1/artist-spotlight-will-gibson Welcome WILL GIBSON

Will GibsonWill GibsonOak Gallery welcomes Will Gibson and his imagery that all about experimentation.. Will GibsonWill GibsonWill Gibson in his traveling wet plate van setting up a film holder with a fresh plate.

     Will Gibson and I met at Palomar College in San Marcos, California. Portrait Photography, Commercial Photography and his assistance through Donna Cosentino's Alternative Process class, are few of the college courses I studied under his instruction. During my studies at Palomar College the professors, students and Will GibsonWill GibsonWill Gibson's wall of art and bin box filled with full color extraordinary bin prints.  photography department was an intimately satisfying experience. We were all a very close group of creatives regardless of our level of understanding. Throughout the past seven years after graduating from Palomar College I have had the pleasure of getting to know Will as a fellow creative rather than a student teacher relationship. I've been fortunate enough to be invited to join the exclusive collaborative of photographers, Snow Creek, where Will and I are both members. I've had this unique opportunity to get to know Will as a friend and as a mentor. Because of his guidance from the start of one of my bodies of work, Awakening, I was able to find the path I needed to take with the visual element of combining images into a composite. Thank you for that Will, it's one of my favorite series and means a great deal to my evolution as a fine art photographer. 

     Will's work is of technical genus and clarity of vision and storytelling. I love that he experiments with not only creating tack sharp imagery by stacking a multitude of layers to show details that one simply can't imagine at first glance of things we see in nature. To his series of in-camera blurred photography that are more about form, texture, space, line, color, and composition. Will's work also extends beyond digital imagery into the alternative processes that at one time were the norm. From Platinum and Platinum Palladium prints of superb tonal range to his traveling van creating wet plate tintypes on the go. 

     Come view the current work's by Will Gibson at Oak Gallery, also check out Studio 3 located in Art Hatch, Escondido, California that features his work as one of the exhibiting artist.

(Oak Gallery) alternative process Art Hatch artists blur conceptual digital journey Oak Gallery Palomar College photographer sharp Studio 3 tintype wet plate Will Gibson https://oak.gallery/blog/2022/1/artist-spotlight-will-gibson Mon, 03 Jan 2022 17:00:00 GMT
Artist Spotlight: Barbara Beck https://oak.gallery/blog/2021/12/artist-spotlight-barbara-beck Welcome BARBARA BECK

Barbara BeckBarbara BeckOak Gallery welcomes Barbara Beck and her poetic imagery. Barbara BeckBarbara BeckBarbara Beck in Anza Borrego at Fonts Point.

     I met Barbara Beck while attending Palomar College during a digital darkroom black and white photography course I believe we were also in a landscape course together. At the time I didn't have the pleasure of getting to  Barbara BeckBarbara BeckBarbara Beck's wall of art and bin box filled with inspirational bin prints. knowing her well but remember seeing her work and enjoying her creative flow. It wasn't until we were asked to join the upcoming gallery in 2019 as Collective Members for The Photographer's Eye Gallery: A Creative Collective. And  truly our relationship blossomed further when we were both asked to join and create the small women's group of photographers that became Truth North Photo Society. Barbara and I have both been on similar journeys of self discovery throughout our years of knowing one another. I'm grateful to my relationship with Barbara and look forward to seeing how this new path together in Oak Gallery grows and evolves.

     Barbara's work is filled with an emotional journey of self-discovery and enlightenment as well as her close relationships with family. Her photography is quiet and yet speaks volumes of truth, honor of time passed, and respect. Barbara's imagery is about her connection to the planet and the expanding universe. She is experimental and curious by nature and is a wonderful conversationalist. You will see works ranging from digital black and white and color imagery, conceptual story telling of time and place, as well as her way cyanotype process on artesian papers, silks, and cottons. She is creative, sweet, kind, and truly humble about her work which is what makes her she a valuable and incredible artist. 

     Come view the current work's by Barbara Beck at Oak Gallery, also check out the lovely Photographer's Eye Collective in Escondido, California that features her work in the group Collective Members exhibitions three times a year. 

(Oak Gallery) alternative process artists Barbara Beck conceptual digital Fonts Point journey landscape Oak Gallery Palomar College photographer Photographers Eye Collective wet cyanotype https://oak.gallery/blog/2021/12/artist-spotlight-barbara-beck Wed, 29 Dec 2021 05:39:00 GMT
Soft Opening https://oak.gallery/blog/2021/12/soft-opening TRULY MAGICAL!!!

What a wonderful and magical first opening, I'm truly grateful and honored to all who came to support the new gallery and the artists showing their work. I'm thrilled and excited to have such a meaningful space that I not only share with my mother and glass shop owner, Penny Kachuck, but also with some incredibly talented fellow creators. Special Thanks to my mom, Penny, and my husband, David, for helping with setup and tear down. Thank you to the artists Barbara Beck and Will Gibson for being a part of the space and for representing their work and the gallery. It was amazing to see support from the Photographer's Eye Collective gallery that I'm a member of with owner Donna Cosnetino and Collective members. To both True North Photo Society members and Snow Creek Collaborative members, to have the support of both groups that I also am a member of feels truly special. I'm thankful for the Kitty Club, it was so wonderful to have our small photo group back together I look forward to our photo excursions, joy, and laughter. So many exciting things to come!!!!

(Oak Gallery) artists barbara beck brandy sebastian california carlsbad gallery glass and mirror shoppe new oak gallery opening photography Reception will gibson https://oak.gallery/blog/2021/12/soft-opening Mon, 13 Dec 2021 18:00:00 GMT
The Gift https://oak.gallery/blog/2021/10/the-gift  

Here's to the BEGINNING of something NEW and very, very SPECIAL!!

The Start The Start The Wall SkeltonThe Wall Skelton Team Work!Team Work! We are getting there!We are getting there! The Floor!The Floor! The Magnificent Cabinet!The Magnificent Cabinet!


Gary SebastianGary SebastianWhat an amazing gift it was for my dad, Gary, to drive from Texas to head up the renovation and remodel of the Glass and Mirror Shoppe and soon to be shared space with my dream, Oak Gallery. photo by @brandyjsebastian

Thanks Dad!

Words can never describe the feeling one has with the help of family. Oak Gallery has been a long time dream and to actually have it come to fruition is a surreal moment in time. My father, Gary Sebastian, is a master at his craft and has been in the construction industry for as long as I can remember. Building custom homes, renovating businesses, and remodeling everything under the roof. It has been one of the greatest gifts for him to travel the distance from Azle, Texas to be the remodel master for the shared space with Glass and Mirror Shoppe

Wall's UpWall's UpMy mom, Penny Kachuck holds up sheetrock while my dad, Gary Sebastian attaches it to the 2x4's. The division of space starts.

Thanks Mom!

Word's can't express the gratitude I have for this amazing, lovely, giving human being!! With many changes happening at the Glass and Mirror Shoppe this is sure to be one for the books. It has been a shift in many ways for my mom's business to give up half her space, but we have been able to create to lovely spaces that are both art inspired. Penny Kachuck, my mom, has been in the glass industry and more so traditional stained glass and overly since I was a young girl. I even work with her on stained glass designs and many can be seen in her studio space. Go check out the Glass and Mirror Shoppe!! They provide custom table tops, mirror, custom shower units, crystal repairs and more!!


Trip to the big box store!Trip to the big box store!This is definitely a rare photo to see the three of us together and in a hardware store. What it trip it was to have this experience with both my parents.


I would have never believed anyone if they would have told me I'd be creating a gallery space with both my parents and participating in something that felt like a distant dream. I'm here to tell you dreams do come true, seems cliche to say but it's true. Nothing is free and it rarely just happens. You have to be dedicated, hard-working, open to the possibilities, and yes it is a leap of faith. But, as they say when the planets are in alignment you gotta act before it's too late. So here we are altogether making a dream come true!!! to be grateful, proud, humbled is an understatement. 



The Colors!The Colors! A little further!A little further! A PERFECT Fit!A PERFECT Fit! Let there be purple!Let there be purple! The right rug is everything!The right rug is everything! The ELECTRICIAN Extraordinaire!The ELECTRICIAN Extraordinaire!


(Oak Gallery) barrio Brandy Sebastian California Carlsbad family gallery Gary Sebastian Glass and Mirror Shoppe Oak Ave Oak Gallery Penny Kachuck photography remodel stained glass Village https://oak.gallery/blog/2021/10/the-gift Thu, 28 Oct 2021 20:00:00 GMT