Artist Spotlight: Barbara Beck

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Barbara BeckBarbara BeckOak Gallery welcomes Barbara Beck and her poetic imagery. Barbara BeckBarbara BeckBarbara Beck in Anza Borrego at Fonts Point.

     I met Barbara Beck while attending Palomar College during a digital darkroom black and white photography course I believe we were also in a landscape course together. At the time I didn't have the pleasure of getting to  Barbara BeckBarbara BeckBarbara Beck's wall of art and bin box filled with inspirational bin prints. knowing her well but remember seeing her work and enjoying her creative flow. It wasn't until we were asked to join the upcoming gallery in 2019 as Collective Members for The Photographer's Eye Gallery: A Creative Collective. And  truly our relationship blossomed further when we were both asked to join and create the small women's group of photographers that became Truth North Photo Society. Barbara and I have both been on similar journeys of self discovery throughout our years of knowing one another. I'm grateful to my relationship with Barbara and look forward to seeing how this new path together in Oak Gallery grows and evolves.

     Barbara's work is filled with an emotional journey of self-discovery and enlightenment as well as her close relationships with family. Her photography is quiet and yet speaks volumes of truth, honor of time passed, and respect. Barbara's imagery is about her connection to the planet and the expanding universe. She is experimental and curious by nature and is a wonderful conversationalist. You will see works ranging from digital black and white and color imagery, conceptual story telling of time and place, as well as her way cyanotype process on artesian papers, silks, and cottons. She is creative, sweet, kind, and truly humble about her work which is what makes her she a valuable and incredible artist. 

     Come view the current work's by Barbara Beck at Oak Gallery, also check out the lovely Photographer's Eye Collective in Escondido, California that features her work in the group Collective Members exhibitions three times a year. 


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