Artist Statement:

All The Little Things

Can you remember the last time you took your shoes off and felt the earth beneath your feet? Or what it’s like to quiet the mind of global chaos and see the lines, shapes, and colors before you? Do you remember what nature sounds like, looks like, feels like, and smells like? The intent with All the Little Things is a reminder of what is often overlooked or unseen. When the weather conditions are just right, the earth evolves offering us a visual playground. With the right mixture of condensation, temperature, and light it’s miraculous what grows and shifts. For instance, when the fruit of a fungi is fully matured they explode sky rocketing tiny spores into the winds that then settling upon dead brush, tree limbs, and ground cover. Each having their own fable to tell, musical note, and aura of light.

Seasons are what help mold the elements you see before you.

Brandy Sebastian

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