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Artist Statement:


An awakening is a rare sort of experience that comes in an infinite vastness of shapes and forms. Often times leaving a person feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated or the opposite: full of joy, gratitude, and ready for change, for me they are purely spiritual affecting my physical and mental self. I believe ultimately the core of it all is spiritual for my higher self.

In 2017 I experienced a year long awakening, struggling with my disease, Endometriosis, two surgeries, an unforgettable chemical reaction to fertility medication, and forced therapy; change was inevitable. I was given the opportunity to stay in my grief and sadness, not knowing if I wanted to live or die, or take a leap of faith and fight back. I chose to fight. From those experiences I created an ongoing awareness project “Good Little Fly," which will engage the viewer through interviews, documentary, and portrait photography of fellow Endometriosis Warriors.

Awakening is a gesture of my self care, of mind, body, and spiritual healing. It’s my belief that we are connected to all there is on this physical plane and the infinite non-physical planes upon this earth and throughout our expanding universe. I have been given an opportunity to help create change and awareness through my life experiences with my photography.

With the use of photographic layers and composites, my art isn’t just an alternative expression of a single image, yet a fluid dance consisting of a multitude of moments. Utilizing today’s technology helps to augment the final print with filters, depth, and dimension. Light and location play a factor in enriching my surreal dream state; using landscapes in California and Utah assisted in bringing my dreams and meditations into fruition. This work is a committed expression of who I am as a woman and an individual, the manifestation of my thoughts through visual imagery.

Brandy Sebastian

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