Artist Statement:

Giver Series

Throughout the ages women have been depicted as goddesses, deities, mermaids, nymphs, and sprites. Exuding virtues and qualities that many sought after, sacrificed for, and believed in, even to this day. Much of my work focuses on femininity, beauty, strength, fertility, spirituality and the psyche. In The Giver Series my work is a reflection of the attributes of water goddesses or deities rather than the physical qualities although each woman stunning. Immersing the nude figure environmentally in connection with all there is physical and/or phycological.

Concept, light, and location plays a huge role in all my work. The journey of getting there is often times just as special as the finale outcome. Concept is always a forethought and extremely important in everything I do. It has to strike a chord in me that metamorphose into a flowing river of thought, inspiration, dreams, and an enormous amount of planning and logistics.

Quality of light is magical like no other as it glistens off flora, cob webs, plant materials and the body. The overlays of sparkling plant material and webs filled with crystal like jewels create a somewhat transparent vale to another world. What I imagine would be sprites and fairies protectors of nature.

The location is one of my ultimate favorites throughout Southern California with each season and every visit being unique and different than the next. Water has always been one of my greatest loves; to be in it, floating on it, swimming through it, under it and having it rush over my skin. I feel connected and part of the life force of Mother Earth.

There is something lovely about a woman and all her depths and capabilities. We are beautiful and strong and I’m constantly amazed by those around me and the massiveness of that which we handle every day, every breath. Gratitude doesn’t come close to how I feel in having these women trust in me to conceive my visions into reality.

Brandy Sebastian

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