David PageDavid Page
Artist Bio:

Welcome to my photographic meditation of nature. Years in the making I am at a point in my life eager to share how the natural world has nourished my spiritual growth through the dynamic meditation of photographing its beauty and resilience. I am a photographer pursuing nature’s meditative properties, a writer of life’s journey, and an explorer of my true self. Photography helps keep me presently aware while nature bathing, whether deep in the woods of Maine or along the coast of San Diego, and to the trails, mountains and deserts of California. I see natures calming effect on my being and it’s healing powers both physically and emotionally.

Spending time in nature and photographing these moments remind me how precious the gift of life is and how grateful I am for my existence.

The world is so much bigger than my little trivialities in life and photography truly helps me explore all it has to offer.

My photography is a gift of meditative time for you to immerse yourself in the natural world through my art hung on your wall. I have enjoyed and immersed myself in the prints I have up on our home’s wall for years. A small escape into nature always reminds me of what’s important in life. A well composed photograph is one you can truly look into and be transported away from your own trivialities in life to take a moment and know how good life truly is. It is hoped you will enjoy my photographs and feel the meditative power as they hang on your wall for many years to come. Stay presently aware and enjoy.

To view more of David Page's Fine Art Photography visit his website: DavidPagePursuit.com

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