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"Moody Sunset""Moody Sunset"Moody Sunset
Dusk & Dawn Series
David Page

Media: Hanhemuhle Photo Rag 308 Fine Smooth Fine Art Paper II
Size: 12”x18”
Price: $83

Media: Archival Satin Metal
Size: 16”x24”
Price: $378

Artist Statement:

Dusk and Dawn Series

Dusk and dawn are particular moments in time. The magic hours of golden and blue hour. The golden hour is a period of the day when the sunlight is redder and softer than usual. It’s a perfect time to capture. The blue hour is a period of the day when the Sun is well below the horizon, and the remaining sunlight gains a blue hue. These times either welcome the day or provide closure to the day. Time doesn’t exist for moments like these. But I need moments like these. We all need it to remind us life is good. Our existence is good. An intentional recharge to keep us grounded to the very notion that what is happening presently is far more important than what we think might happen in the future or what has happened in the past. Make time for yourself, if only for a moment, and find your magic hour by staying presently aware.

David Page

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"Big Blue""Fire in the Sky""Moody Sunset""Surf Stones"Tide Pools at Dusk