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"Eagle Fern""Eagle Fern"Eagle Fern
Light And Shadow Series
David Page

Media: Semi-Gloss Fine Art Paper (Canson infinity platine fibre rag 310 GSM)
Print Size: 18”x12”

Framed Size: Framed Box Black Wood w/2” Mat 23.5”x17.5”
Price: $439

Artist Statement:

Light and Shadow Series

Light and shadow dance at times. You can see the mystery of nature when the two are abundant. It's noisy and chaotic. A black and white image gives clarity and shows beauty is always around us, no matter what nature might be doing. These moments quiet my noisy and chaotic mind helping me to be on a life trail of contentment. One that embraces uncertainty and creates my ideal reality of living with synchronicity and a constant sense of possibility.
David Page

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"Eagle Fern""Grab the Sky""Looking East""Wild Oak"