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"The Setting Sun""The Setting Sun"The Setting Sun
The Woods, Forest, and Beyond
David Page

Media: Hanhemuhle Photo Rag 308 Fine Smooth Fine Art Paper II
Print Size: 12”x18”
Framed Size: Framed Box Black Wood w/2” Mat 17.5”x23.5”
Price: $439

Artist Statement:

The Woods, Forest, and Beyond Series

A walk in the woods, a mountain hike or time on a lake are a wonderful way to spend some time immersed in nature. Nature heals when you spend some time with it. A small escape into nature always reminds me of what’s important in life. Natural places aren’t new for me. I’ve been camping since I can remember, fished numerous bodies of water, hiked, backpacked, and was very fortunate to have lived on a lake for a portion of my teenage years. But moving to California, discovering nature photography, and the realization I need nature in my life has carried over to a new found appreciation for what I possibly took for granted growing up back East where nature seems to flourish despite our human footprint. I have always enjoyed the outdoors. However, as I get older I find I need the outdoors more. With increasing bills to pay, work, family, and all the responsibilities that come with the whole human nature thing, mother nature is who I seek. I just need time to spend with her surrendering my human nature tendencies. Photographing over the years has helped me tremendously with this journey. It has become my way of communicating with the natural world helps ground me and improve my awareness of all that is around me. It has bettered my life experience here on earth. That is why I take photographs of natural places. I am capturing my experiences, especially the ones I feel need capturing. A life harmonious with nature is beautiful, so why not photograph it.
David Page

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"Emerge""Grizzly Falls""Kings River Sunset""The Setting Sun""Water and Sky Meet"