Artists Bio:

Diana Shay Diehl is a former public education specialist who melds her teaching and counseling experiences with experimental photographic processes, words, and natural mediums. Having grown up on the east coast and Germany, she now lives at the southwestern edges of Joshua Tree National Park and has for over 35 years. Currently, she frequently travels the western US in a tiny, tiny home on wheels or on foot with a backpack to quiet and remote spaces in the wild. Nature has always been her muse.

“It all starts with a photograph. Process has become more important to me than product with an intention and intuition being the driving forces to somehow pull it all together. If I had to define in just a few words why I make what I make, it would be to find connection and a sense of presence as I live the days of my life. And, sometimes, I just want to make something pretty.”

Her works are in private collections in the United States, Canada, England, and New Zealand. Diana still enjoys planting seeds of creativity and offers many workshops in experimental photographic techniques, encaustic work, and excavating layers to discover your own creative spirit.

To view more of Diana Shay Diehl's Fine Art Photography visit her website: DianaShayDiehl.com