Display Vendor Statement:
Jade McConnell has been collecting vintage and antique cameras and photographs since the early 2000’s. She has a passion for preserving these cameras and testing them when film is available. Photography has always been a fascination of Jade’s with years of study, practice, and mostly experimentation.
Many remember their first camera, the responsibility, the unknown of how it will turn out, dropping it and scrambling to close the back so not too much film is exposed. But that messed up section could still give you an interesting result.
And yes, this dropped, film exposed, first childhood camera of hers, is on display!
These antique and vintage items have a history we may never know, but we can appreciate what joy they brought into the world and continue to bring.

To get more information about Jade's collection and available items for sale:
EMAIL: [email protected]
INSTAGRAM: @OldCamerasOldPhotos
YOUTUBE: @OldCamerasOldPhotos