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Sailors CuttingSailors CuttingSailors Cutting
Jaya Hanning

Media: Archival Pigment Print
Size: 8"x10" Print Only
Price: $20
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Jaya Hanning
Sage Creek High School
Professor: Jodi Williams

Hi! My name is Jaya Hanning and I am a photographer currently based in Carlsbad, CA. I am originally from New Zealand, but moved here with my family when I was little. I am a high school student who has been studying photography for the past 4 years. My favorite subjects to photograph are wildlife, landscapes, and portraits. Visiting new places and seeing unique creatures inspires me to take photos. I want my photographs to show familiar places in a new perspective so that people can see them differently. I document my travels and share the beauty I find through the photos I capture.

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"Te Ara"Sailors Cutting"Oamaru