Jodi Williams
Photography Teacher
Sage Creek High School
Student: Jaya Hanning

Teacher Bio:
This is Jodi’s first year teaching photography at Sage Creek High School but her 15th year as a high school teacher. Originally from Inland North County, Jodi spent the last 7 years teaching photography in the same district where she graduated high school. Prior to that, her earlier secondary teaching experiences include public and private schools in several other counties and states, helping build a diverse understanding of art education. She has also held adjunct professor of art positions at several colleges. She earned a Master of Arts in Art Education from the University of Arizona and a Bachelor’s from Northern Arizona University where she studied Photography and Interior Design.

In addition to teaching, Jodi owns and operates a portrait photography studio. She enjoys capturing the true essence of a person and showcasing their beauty. When not teaching or creating portraits for clients, Jodi prefers photographing nature. This work varies from the abstract to metaphorical. She appreciates the way photography can help a viewer see an everyday subject matter in a new light through these approaches.

In 2020, Jodi added the title of new mom to her resume.

To view more of Jodi Williams's Fine Art Photography visit her website:
Email: [email protected]
Insta: @jodilisterphotography, @photo.with.mrs.w

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