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"Moon Mandala""Moon Mandala""Moon Mandala"
Kelly Clark

Media: Digital C-Print
Size: 8"x8" Print, 12"x12" Framed
Price: $10

Artist Statement:

Hello and thank you for looking at my artwork! Photography has been my first love, ever since taking a class during a semester abroad in Italy my junior year of college. I was studying painting but there were so many beautiful things to take photos of! This love affair turned into my profession- of being a photographer, and a high school photo teacher. Everyday I get to share my love with willing students, and nerd out on all things photography. I love that as I'm teaching, I'm learning everyday-photography is infinite! Recently, I have been playing with Alternative Photography, combining cyanotypes (a photo printing process from the mid 1800s) and lumens with printmaking. It's a way to meld my painting with photography, and I love that the outcome is always surprising and unique. Photography is a gift- a way of sharing beauty.

Kelly C. Clark

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"Nostalgia 1""Moon Mandala""Pink Flower Mandala""Winter Flower Mandala"