Artist Bio:
Penny Kachuck has been pushing the shutter on cameras since 1960, starting with her mother’s Kodak Brownie. Penny has loved capturing moments on film, with digital, and a variety of iPhones.
During the early 80’s, she volunteered as a staff photographer at the Forth Worth Zoo within the education department. Her time at the zoo provided an excellent opportunity to master new photographic skills while also embracing a growing adoration for photography.
Though Penny has worked with numerous photography businesses over a decade and throughout San Diego county, she prefers to create images for the pure enjoyment and pleasure of it. With great fervor, capturing anything that moves or stands still is what excites her seeing eye, but true passion lies with intimate closeups of flowers and plants.
Light, shadows, color, black and white, tiny or large….. it’s all worth a snapshot! Whether a brownie film camera, digital SLR, or iPhone….. always push the shutter!
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