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"Eyes of the Blind" by Dylan Ratcliffe"Eyes of the Blind" by Dylan RatcliffeEyes of the Blind
Dylan Ratcliffe

Media: Digital Archival Print
Size: 8"x10" print only
Price: $65

*Price does not include the mat or frame
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Dylan Ratcliffe
San Dieguito High School Academy
Professor: Laura Olden

Artists Statement:
Hi, my name is Dylan Ratcliffe I’m 16 years old and I’ve always been very interested in photography. I got my first camera when I was about 10 but my interest really sparked when I got into photography class. These pictures were all taken during that class and my teacher helped me edit them to my style. I found I really enjoy surreal images that have muted colors, are black and white, or a mix of both. I haven’t found many artists who do surreal images and I think that’s why it’s so fun because it makes my style unique.

To reach Dylan Ratcliffe:
Instagram: @riverlethe_
Email: [email protected]

"Eyes of the Blind" by Dylan Ratcliffe"A Monotone Drive" by Dylan Ratcliffe"Birthday Cake" by Dylan Ratcliffe