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Artist Bio:

Photographic Artist, Brandy Sebastian, is a storyteller by visual navigation. Her work is a reflection of thoughts, feelings, and philosophical beliefs that encompass an array of teachings both spiritual and universal. She has an innate ability to navigate images beyond the visual representation of what’s seen, as if to help express the aura of all that encircles us.

Brandy is a practiced photographer both professionally, local and international, and as a student of over 20 years. She is an award winning photographer with works that have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout the West coast in the United States. Currently she is a member of The Photographer’s Eye Collective that features her work in group exhibitions multiple times a year as well as a permeant wall image for the Collective Wall. Brandy also is a part of an intimate group of female photographers, True North Photo Society, that nurtures education, photo excursions, and group exhibitions.

Brandy Sebastian

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Phone: 760-889-1986

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"Creation"BSebastian_The Modern Trilobite_010BSebastian_The Modern Trilobite_009BSebastian_The Modern Trilobite_004"Reflection""Reflection 3""Absorbtion""Absorption" In Commercial Space"Creation" In Hospitality SpaceIMG_8163"Reflection" In a Private Residence"Reflection 3" In a Private Residence