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Artist Statement

My camera is my tool and toy. I enjoy using it to paint with light. I am intrigued by what the camera can capture that my eyes may not perceive. I experiment with camera movement, long exposures, low light and alternative ways of taking a photograph. It’s a dynamic unpredictable process that yields impressionistic results. My images blur the boundaries between representational and abstract, motion and stillness, real and imagined.

For “Elements,” I have chosen a variety of work that are inspired by landscape and nature. These images are not so much about a specific location, scene or subject. They are about the elements of space and time, their transcendent and transient qualities and the imprints they left behind.

Vine Saycocie

For sales, variety of sizes and medium, please contact artist directly.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 858-395-6684

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1. Tourbillion 12x12 $782. Aurore 11x14 $783. Vortex 11x14 $784.Transitions 14x11 $785.Vibrations 24x18 $1486. Interstice 24x18 $1487. Azure 24x18 $1488. Not Nought 24x8 41489. Evanescence 14x11 $7810. Reincarnated 14x11 $7810. Reincarnated-111. Ephemeral 14x11 $7812. Saffron 14x11 $78