Artist Bio:

I came to photography later in my life, as a form of artistic communication, after many years of seeking an outlet for my creative energy in other mediums. As a young girl, my dad was an amateur photographer and I always loved taking pictures with his encouragement. However, I never understood the disciplines necessary to make great images. I finally, and wisely, enrolled in the Photographic studies at Palomar College and from that first class, I was hooked. It spoke dearly to that need I had to create as a means of self-expression.
My photos are a testimonial to the character and mood of the landscapes as I see them. Not only through the lens of my camera, but shaped by my vision. Although I greatly appreciate the pure imagery of traditional film, I typically work in digital with my Canon 60D. I embrace all the advantages that it offers me to elevate the image to its maximum potential. With a background in Fine Art, I strive for the impact of a traditional painting, but with the detail of the photograph..
And although photography for me has been a constant evolution, I do not aim to make documentary images, but Art, as Nature and the Elements have arraigned for my finding.

Patty Hayton

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