Photo Encaustic: A brief history and demonstration of basic techniques

Diana Shay Diehl 

Moro Bay, Diana Shay Diehl at work.Moro Bay, Diana Shay Diehl at work.Diana Shay Diehl searching for the perfect angle at Moro Bay.

In this presentation, Diana Shay Diehl will give a brief history of encaustic painting as she demonstrates some basic techniques in using encaustic medium to alter and enhance her photographic work. She will discuss substrates, tools, and important information regarding the safe handling of 150-200 degree melted materials and potentially toxic pigments. Participants should come away with a basic understanding and deeper appreciation of how to view encaustic works.

  • Encaustic, meaning “to burn in or fuse”, is an ancient painting medium first practiced by Greek artists as far back as the 5th century B.C. Its base is a natural beeswax with damar resins added to give it resiliency. Today, this technique in painting and preservation is gaining popularity again.  

This is an Oak Gallery exclusive event and is a great precursor to the inner workings behind Diana's process and workshops that will follow.

Lite Refreshments served and free parking near gallery for the lecture event.

  • DATE: Saturday, June 4th, 2022
  • TIME: 3pm-5pm
  • WHERE: Oak Gallery 3095 State Street, Suite G, Carlsbad, CA 92008 (located on Oak Ave.)
  • PARKING: There will be free street parking as well as free parking located in a city parking lot next to the gallery and as well as on State Street before the Oak Ave. stop sign.

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  • Lecture will include an introduction and brief history of Encaustic Painting with a focus on the work produced by Diana Shay Diehl. 
  • Q&A will follow the lecture


Artist Bio:

I am a multi-medium artist whose home base is in the mojave desert. I have a penchant for wanderlust, wild lands preservation, photosensitive chemistry, organic pigments, natural fibers, beeswax, and words. All my works begin with a hand printed photograph, captured digitally or on film, which I build upon in a variety of media to explore connections with my inner and outer landscapes. Because each of my pieces begin and end with an internal dance that cannot be precisely duplicated, they are all one of a kind. Once it's gone, it is gone ~ just like every living thing on this Earth...

My background in public education and counseling integrates my photographic art practices with helping people find community and gratitude as we navigate human relationships with fragile environments. I find great joy in planting seeds - teaching people new-to-them techniques for their own creative practices. 

Diana Shay Diehl 
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