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"Winds Blow Through the Fronds""Winds Blow Through the Fronds"Winds Blow Through the Fronds
Terry Scott Allen
Artist Statement:

What I present in much of my landscape photography is not an objective presentation of reality but my own subjective viewpoint. I try to transform the world around me into a parallel universe with a dreamy often surreal feeling using the weather and digital manipulation to create a sense of eeriness. In a way, nature becomes a reflector that transmits my own emotional state during the taking of the image.

Terry Scott Allen

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"Above to Below""Winds Blow Through the Fronds""Grandmother Still Waits"Wave""Closed Range""Monolith""Contemplation""Multnomah Falls""Art Critic""Serpentine Trail Climbs""Swamis at Dusk""Footprints Wandering""Kayaks""Pelican Watch""My Left Hand""White to Dark Hanging""Rocks Defy the Soil""Serpent Rising""Oven and Ristras""Storm over the Grand Canyon"