Artist Bio:

Todd Bradley (1970, Detroit, USA) is a color blind, contemporary, photographer residing in San Diego, California. Todd's work has shown in solo and group exhi­bitions in museums and galleries worldwide, including the Museum of Fine Art, Fort Wayne, Indiana, The Louvre, Paris and The Griffin Museum of Photography, Boston. His portfolios have been published in magazines around the world and his work has been used in public art installations in Washington State. Todd is a founding member of the renowned Snow Creek Collaborative in San Diego. He often works with a macro lens shooting dioramas and floras, also shooting alter­native portraiture, architecture, and uses digital manipulation to tell his stories. Todd constructs small still life tableaus and miniature scale model dioramas that become his narrative. Todd's aesthetic focuses on detailed features, color (even though he's color-blind) to demonstrate new perspectives to ordinary objects in still time. Todd recently has brought analog medium and large format film back into his art.

Artist Statement:

As an artist, I like to explore different medi­ums and styles to express my views. My work focuses on decay, whether it is seedpods, structures or our society.
I believe the current state of photography is mirroring the early 1900's when Kodak intro­duced the Brownie camera to the masses. Today, we have the cell phone. In both times, Cameras became common and artists took notice.

Todd Bradley

To view more of Todd Bradley's Fine Art Photography visit his website: ToddBradleyPhotography.com

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