Artist Statement:

Bug Transport
Miniature scale model figures were what I turned to when embarking on a project to explore my child-like mind and not be so serious all the time, to expand exploratory thoughts within my imagination. Studies have found that being serious all the time will lead to being less productive, influence your ability to bond with other people, missed opportunities and just missing out on life.
The Bug-Transport project is about the viewing things differently. By nurturing my adventurous imagination, draw outside the lines per say and just see were it goes. It’s about adding a bit of fantasy into my reality. It’s about lightening my load. It’s about being playful, and happy. And not being so serious all the time. It is based on the silly thought of; What if bugs were the size of livestock and we road them around for transportation?
1:87 scale models were used in place of real people to further the playful aspect and create ambiguity within the narrative. Real bugs were used to add to the adventure. They give a new perspective to the viewer by magnifying the detail of these amazing creatures to study up close without fear.

Todd Bradley
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