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Tristian Coffman
Sage Creek High School
Professor: Jodi Williams

Artist Statement:
Tristian Coffman, at 18 years of age, is a passionate photographer and videographer from Encinitas, California. He enjoys image capture and video production of landscapes, surfing, and lifestyle. Tristian loves adventure and taking his camera wherever he goes. He has been image making for seven years and has been immensely involved in the film/photo industry. Currently, he works for the Studio’s Department for Boardwalk Pictures Inc. in Santa Monica, California and is involved with a non-profit organization known as Ludus Pursuit. The non-profit is committed to giving under resourced athletic youth funding and equipment to help follow their dreams. This summer Tristian will be involved with the development of a startup surf clothing company, Sundaze.

To reach Tristian Coffman:
Instagram: Coming Soon
Website: Coming Soon
YouTube: Coming Soon
Email: [email protected]

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