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Objective: True North Photo Society is about nurturing the evolution in one’s series or bodies of work. As well as the explorations in the varied realms of presentation that best suits the fine art photographer’s imagery. It’s growing together in experimentation of alternative process by sharing experiences and knowledge that support one another’s growth through photography. It’s an opportunity for support and understanding through the challenges of creation.

History: True North Photo Society started out as a group of 5 ladies that set out to bring beauty through imagery throughout San Diego County. Their work focused on story telling through the lens, specializing in Digital and Analogue Photography with archival print media ranging in variety of Photographic Paper, Metal, Acrylic, and more. Many processes of alternative photographic techniques such as Wet Cyanotypes, Van Dyke, Salt Prints, Platinum Palladium, were among their focus. Many themed exhibitions were featured throughout Southern California.

TODAY: True North Photo Society (TNPS) resides under the umbrella of Oak Gallery. It is a membership based photographic group, specifics may be found HERE.
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