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Once a year the magical photographic process of the Cyanotype gets global attention!
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Join us on Saturday September 30th, 2023 from 11am-2pm to make your free one of a kind cyanotype. (limited one 4x6 per visitor) (We have 200 pre-coated paper once we are out we are done!)

We will have stations set up for the days festivities.

  • Check-in and leave your email for future gallery events, workshops, and lectures. This also gets you access to the photos taken to share on social media.


  • Get your cyanotype pre-coated 4x6 paper and contact frame.


  • Add objects that we provide like leaves and feathers or bring your own flat objects.


  • Set your Cyanotype master piece in the sun for exposure, Typically 7-9min


  • Check out the gallery and grab a snack.


  • Rinse your print then let it dry.

Then get your photo taken in front of our step and repeat banner.  Viola!!!!



Make your one of a kind Cyanotype, get a snack, check out the gallery, 

and its fine art photographer's and artists,

listen to music by Leirrie Valentin from 11am-2pm.


World Cyanotype Day 2022 Slideshow​​​​​​​